I predominantly work in blood and watercolor but have branched out from time to time into strictly watercolor and also acrylic as well as sketching and drawing with colored pencils.

Infusing my artworks with my own blood leaves a part of myself behind in each and every piece.  It also creates a piece of art that will age, rot, and decay overtime.  Like a decaying, dying, living thing.  I enjoy the other dimension to art that will change and age with us.  The organic material will decomposed as we all will.  I don't only use blood as I enjoy the ability to experiment with more colors and palettes.


My blood letting processes are safe and minimally invasive.  They do not cause me significant harm and are not for the purpose of self injury.  I do not encourage or promote self harm.  I will also not divulge how I get such large quantities of my own blood as I will not be responsible for others who might try it themselves and cause themselves serious injury.  

All original blood paintings sold are sealed with a clear top coat in order to prevent the exposure of my dried blood to others.  It is merely a safety precaution and to give others peace of mind.  I do not have any blood borne illnesses as I do work in the body modification industry and regulations are pretty strict in regards to those matters.  Again, the sealing is more for the client's and my own peace of mind. 

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